Muscat, Oman - 4th Sept 2012
Muscat Facebook Optimization

Hiten Bhuta conducts Facebook Optimization program in Muscat, Oman

CGS Infotech is at the forefront of empowering customers worldwide with new and innovative technology solutions. Hiten conducted an engaging session on Facebook Optimization in 2012 at Muscat, Oman.

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Dubai - 18th Feb 2012
Google Success

Hiten Bhuta conducts program on how to achieve top ranking in Google in Dubai.

Google is the number search engine in the world. Billions of people use Google to search for new products, services and ideas.

If your company is listed at top in Google, you can achieve greater success. Hiten conducted an engaged session in Dubai to help participants understand how Google lists website on top in search engines.



India - 1997 to 2003
Hiten Bhuta’s combined video clips of program

Hiten Bhuta has conducted several training programs throughout the world from 1997 till 2003. 

Here is a compilation of some the video clips from program conducted by Mr. Hiten Bhuta. In this combined video clips, Hiten is seen at various programs and conferences explaining the importance of technology.

Following four programs are covered in this video clip:

Keywords: Internet & Technology Predictions.



India - 2010
CGS Gratitude Day – How to Achieve Mastery

Hiten Bhuta conducts a program on how to achieve mastery

We are all looking for mastery. How does one achieve mastery in any field? Hiten provides a refreshingly new view of mastery in this excellent program. 

Hiten shares his insights in a light-hearted, fun manner that mastery depends on knowledge of specialized words. Hiten credits this insight to Werner Erhard’s program on Leadership and Mastery.

Keyword: Mastery, Leadership, Werner Erhard, Hiten Bhuta on Mastery



India - 2007
CGS Infotech - Chak De India

Hiten Bhuta conducts a power packed program on Chak De India Movie.

Chak De India was an excellent and insightful movie with valuable message about team work, leadership and fighting one’s way towards victory.

Hiten Bhuta and CGS Team had an insightful and engaging brain-storming session on this movie and to decipher the core message of the movie. The event was full of fun, laughter, insight and learning.



India - 21st Dec 2008
Hiten Bhuta delivering a valuable message at KITE – Kapol Trade Event.

Hiten Bhuta was awarded prestigious Kapol Gaurav Award at a prestigious Kapol Trade Fair event in Andheri.

Hiten was asked to deliver a message to Kapol Entrepreneurs about creating successful enterprise.

Hiten delivered an extremely valuable and engaging session on what contributes to the victory.



Las Vegas, USA - 7th May 2008
Hiten Bhuta speaking at Choice Hotel Annual Convention – Las Vegas.

Hiten was invited to speak at the Econo Lodge Franchise Association (ELFA)’s annual program at Choice Hotel Convention.

Hiten spoke on Internet Security, Safe Web-Practices and Protecting PC/Websites.