Senior Business Leaders Express Appreciation for Mr. Hiten Bhuta’s Trade Delegation Leadership

Mr. Hiten Bhuta led the delegation of senior business leaders to Qatar and Muscat in Sept-2012. 

The FICCI trade delegation supported by Government of India and trade bodies of Qatar and Oman was a major success. Mr. Bhuta implemented several innovative ideas to enable every participants to gain substantial benefit through their participation. 

Under Mr. Bhuta’s leadership, every delegate was accorded an opportunity to introduce themselves and their companies at every event. The delegates were also given a chance to speak with media and get their company highlighted in media.



School Authorities in Bajipura & Saroli appreciate Sakar Trust & Mr. Hiten Bhuta’s contribution

Sakar Trust facilitated an innovative program in Bajipura & Saroli, Gujarat for school children.

The school students were given an opportunity to create their vision and develop an action plan to fulfill their vision.

Every student was given free gift. Bajipura & Saroli school authorities immensely appreciated the generosity and commitment of Sakar Trust. 


Leading Indian News Channel in USA features Mr. Hiten Bhuta’s keynote speech in Los Angeles

Mr. Hiten Bhuta’s valuable address to hotelier’s in USA was featured and highlighted by America’s leading news channel – Asia TV.

Following is the excerpt from the television channel report on Leuva Patidar Samaj’s annual event and Mr. Bhuta’s keynote speech at that event.