Hiten's books and training has touched lives of many people. Here are some of the expressions from people who have found it helpful to read or listen to Hiten's wisdom and expertise:

“Thank you for sending me a copy of I See God In You. I have read it and appreciate the insight you have gained and shared in the book.”
Ronald Greenblatt - CEO - G & W Laboratories

“I am very glad to read yr book. I am very glad to work with u and yr team. I'm very impressed with Hitenji's thoughts. It's nice of him to spend so much time (in spite of his busy schedule) & money, to try & bring little change in people's attitude.”
Mrs. Jyoti Rupang Suchde – Owner - Revival Beauty Salon

“Thank you very much for honoring me and Bharti. We really appreciated it from bottom of our heart.”
Mr. Jitendra Vora

“Thank you for very much for sharing your invaluable experiences with me through this book, contributing in my life and considering me to have this privilege of reading this book.”
Mr. Manish Sanghvi-Owner-Moneysmith Financial & Management Consultant

“Thanks a lot for the excellent book I See God In You simple scan clearly suggest the immense knowledge that can be imbibed from the same. Please convey my congratulations to Shri Hiten Bhuta Ji for such a wonderful presentation.”
Mr.Suresh C. Sapra – Director - Punjab Engineering & Mill Stores

“Thanks for the nice gift Book written by Hiten Bhuta I will be glad to read it. Most successful men have not achieved their distinction by having some new talent or opportunity presented to them. They have developed the opportunity that was at hand.”
Dr. Mukesh Daftary - CEO- Biomed Importers P. Ltd.

“My heartiest congratulations to Hiten on this achievement. I am sure writing a book with a busy schedule, like his, must not have been an easy task. He was an inspiration in the class and I am sure he always will stay to be the one with his fellow members, friends and professionals that he meet during the course of his work.”
Ms. Neha Garg – HR Manager

“I am in receipt of book - I see God in you by Mr. Hiten Bhuta and sent by you as a gift. Thank you very much for the same.”
Chetan Rachh-CEO-Zeal Medichem

“I n Devang read the book it was exceptionally excellent. Even mummy papa wanted to know what was the book all about so devang translated few chapters in gujarati for them. We all are impressed by your valuable thoughts”
Prof. Khyati Vora

“Thanks for the book I See God in You authored by your CEO Mr.Hiten Bhuta”.Its truly a good read.”
Tressa Albert – CEO -Omega Industries

“The book effortlessly sums up various life lessons coming from your own person experiences and from the knowledge that you have gained from various sources over the years.”
Jimmy S. Kadakia - Software Project Leader