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No Category Topic Program Details
1 Emerging Hotel Technologies 5G - High Speed Internet How 5G will create new opportunities for hotel owners to earn additional
revenue and how hotel owners can address major threats posed by 5G
2 Emerging Hotel Technologies AI - Artificial Intelligence How AI will change guest's expectation and how hotel owners can serve guest effectively using AI tools.
3 Emerging Hotel Technologies IoT - Internet of Things Top 10-IoT products and solutions that will become part of tomorrow's hotel
4 Emerging Hotel Technologies Sharing Economy How hotel owners can deal with challenges posed by sharing economy
5 Emerging Hotel Technologies Smart Check-In and Check-Out How hoteliers can implement smart check-in and check-out systems
6 Emerging Hotel Technologies Social Media in 2030 How new social media will impact hotel sales, marketing, guest service and
hotel brand
7 Emerging Hotel Technologies VR, AR, MR How Virtuality Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality will impact OTA,
Hotel Brands, Sales & Marketing
8 Emerging Hotel Technologies Hotel Industry in 2030 Introduction To Emerging Hotel Technologies And Future Of Hospitaility Business In Next 10 Years


No Category Topic Program Details
1 Revenue Management Strategy and Action Plan Introduction to Revenue Management. Common strategy and action plan for
revenue management.
2 Revenue Management Software Tools Popular revenue management software tools
3 Revenue Management Operation & Review Introduction to practical revenue management operational models and ideas
4 Revenue Management Estimate RoI How to estimate revenue gain and RoI through revenue management practices


No Category Topic Program Details
1 Hotel Reputation Management General Understand power of guest reviews & how to improve profitability through
positive reviews
2 Hotel Reputation Management Tripadvisor Fully understand Tripadvisor guest panel & hotel owners panels. How and Why guest writes reviews and options available to hotel owners to respond
3 Hotel Reputation Management Understand Guest-centric control panel and hotel owner's control panel - Steps & options to enhance your rating & ranking
4 Hotel Reputation Management Guest's control panel and hotel owner's panel. Tips and techniques
to improve Expedia Rating, Ranking
5 Hotel Reputation Management Brands Get insight into mobile apps & control panel of various brands and how they encourage guest reviews. Learn about tools given by brands to manage & respond to guest reviews
6 Hotel Reputation Management Google Google user's options & process to write reviews. How to respond to
Google Reviews
7 Hotel Reputation Management Yelp How and why Yelp users write reviews. Steps to respond to each reviews.
Use Yelp for your advantage
8 Hotel Reputation Management Dealing with negative
Most effective strategy and action plan to deal with negative reviews
9 Hotel Reputation Management Getting more positive
Proven strategy and action plan to get positive reviews
10 Hotel Reputation Management Response Strategy Create and implement effective management response strategy
11 Hotel Reputation Management Legal Action Against
How to take legal action against review writers & review publishers. Case studies of successful litigation
12 Hotel Reputation Management Removing Negative
How to get negative reviews removed
13 Hotel Reputation Management Why People Write
Understand psychology and motivations of review writers
14 Hotel Reputation Management Research Studies On
Impact Of Reviews
Understand specific and measurable impact of reviews on your business
15 Hotel Reputation Management Social Media
Benefits and process to write social media posts
16 Hotel Reputation Management Facebook Using Facebook Tools to attract more guests & increase profit
17 Hotel Reputation Management Linkedin Using Linkedin Tools to attract professionals and enterprise business
18 Hotel Reputation Management Twitter Twitter tools to improve hotel's brands and increase booking
19 Hotel Reputation Management Youtube Youtube - Advertising options and understand Youtube Analytics
20 Hotel Reputation Management Estimate RoI How to estmate RoI on your reputation management expenses


No Category Topic Program Details
1 Digital Marketing Independent Website Benefits and challenges of creating & managing independent hotel websites.
2 Digital Marketing Google My Business - GMB Website Critical nature of GMB. Tools offered by GMB. Importance of Google Verification.
3 Digital Marketing Social Media Profile Websites Options and tools to create social media profile pages
4 Digital Marketing OTA Hotel Pages Options, tools and analytics related to OTA Hotel Pages
5 Digital Marketing Brand Websites Options, tools and analytics related to Brand Hotel Websites
6 Digital Marketing Google SEO Google's official guide, recommendations and steps for SEO
7 Digital Marketing Social Media Marketing Strategy and action plan for Social Media Marketing - Organic and Ads
8 Digital Marketing Viral Content - Creating & Sharing Most effective way to create and share viral content
9 Digital Marketing General - Overview Introduction to Digital Marketing. Steps, process and benefits of Digital Marketing
10 Digital Marketing Estimate RoI How to estimate Return on Investment (RoI) on your digital marketing investment


No Category Topic Program Details
1 Hotel Website Design Server Speed Practical steps to measure and improve website speed
2 Hotel Website Design Mobile Friendly Measuring and improving quality of mobile friendly websites
3 Hotel Website Design Responsive ntroduction to responsive website - Process and Benefits. Measuring Quality.
Fulfilling brand guidelines
4 Hotel Website Design WCGA 2.0, Level AA - ADA ADA regulation. Introduction to WCGA 2.0, Level AA certification.
5 Hotel Website Design Engagement Factors Engaging guests and measuring guest engagement factors


No Category Topic Program Details
1 General Topics Premium Brands Introduction to getting premium brand flags for your upcoming or existing projects.
How to enroll premium hotel franchisors to give you their brand affiliation
2 General Topics Building Team Building most effective teams to manage individual hotel property and multiple
hotel properties
3 General Topics Hotel Buying & Selling Technology Tools to buy and sell hotels. Expand & diversify hotel portfolio
4 General Topics Neuroscience How to use advance neuroscience ideas to create life of peace,
fulfillment and success


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Common Session Format::

Time : Each session lasts anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes.

Powerpoint Slides : Screen, projector are useful for presentation. Each session as 6 to 10 slides.

Schedule : Depending on the timing, every session has a fixed schedule, well-researched topics and session contains 2000 to 4000 words.


Key Benefits :

Actionable Ideas : Your members will walk away with *actionable* clear ideas that they can immediately apply & use to improve profitability of hotel operations.

Always New : Let your members get maximum value for their time. Let them discover new technologies, new actions, new thought process & new tools.

Simple & Practical : Each member will immediately understand ideas expressed in practical terms, simple and plain language.

Strict time schedule : Each session will start and get completed on time. There will be no delay in completing session. Entire session will happen in smooth, effective and graceful manner.

Respectful, Empowering: No session will include any political, religious, social comments. Session will always remain focused on core topic. Audience questions and queries will be treated with utmost respect. Each member will feel empowered and energized to take action after the session.

Custom Sessions : Each session is unique, custom-made. You can interact with our team and Mr. Hiten Bhuta to create sessions that are most relevant and valuable.



Fees can range from $ 2500 to $ 100,000 depending on the topic, timing and expected deliverables. Travelling, staying and other incidentals will be charged separately..