Hiten Bhuta - Providing Effective Leadership in Building India - Arab Relationship

For more than a decade, Mr. Hiten Bhuta has played active role as an international business leader, mentor, keynote speaker and write in boosting ties between India and Arab Countries.

As the Founder & CEO of a global software company - CGS Infotech Ltd, Hiten manages over 5000 clients in more than 40 countries. CGS Infotech is currently working over 150+ large projects in Dubai and several key projects in Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Hiten has developed great understanding of effectively interacting with Arab companies and senior Arab decision makers.

Hiten has studied at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He often speaks at national & international event on skill development, future of technology and leadership.


Arab India Partnership Conference - 23-May-2012

In May-2012, Hiten was a keynote speaker representing India at Arab-India Partnership Conference in Abu Dhabi. This landmark event was attended by senior Govt. officers from all Arab Nations, business leaders and Minister of State for External Affairs Minister of India - Mr. E. Ahamed.Hiten spoke about the shared values & long history of peaceful relationship between India and Arab world.

He acknowledged the Arab leadership for welcoming Indian talent and providing opportunity to Indians in gulf. Hiten appreciated the contribution of hardworking Indians in building the great Arab cities, infrastructure and business processes. Under the dynamic leadership of Hiten, Arab-India Partnership Conference received excellent response and wide media coverage.



Indexpo 2012 & Arab-India Business Delegation Leadership - 9-Sept-2012

In Sept-2012, Hiten led the delegation of senior Indian business leaders to Qatar and Oman. He interacted with senior Government & Business decision makers of Qatar and Oman. He spoke at length at Qatar Chamber of Commerce, Oman Chamber of Commerce and at various events organized by Indian community in Doha and Muscat.

Hiten and Indian delegation had in-depth discussion with Indian Embassies in Doha and Muscat. Hiten's visit and dynamic interaction facilitated significant business transactions and resulted in multi-crore investment projects from India to Qatar and Oman.Hiten conveyed the message of good-will and harmony to members of royal families in Qatar and Oman.



Inauguration of Indian School's Digital Campus in Doha, Qatar - Sept-2012

Hiten inaugurated the Indian school's digital campus in Doha, Qatar. Indian community in Qatar has appreciated his contribution towards building greater ties between Qatar and India. Several Indian community leaders in Qatar has sought his guidance on expanding the business relationship between India and Qatar.


Guest of Honor at Gujarat Day Celebration in Muscat - 2nd May 2013

Indian community in gulf has always take note of Hiten's consistent efforts to improve ties and understanding between India and Arab world. Hiten was invited as the guest of honor for Gujarat Day Celebration in Muscat, Oman on 2-May-2013.



Ongoing Events & Training Programs in UAE, Oman

In last one decade, Hiten has made several trips to gulf nations and contributed to the success of several Arab companies. Hiten conducted an advanced program on Facebook & Social Media in Muscat, Oman. He also conducted training programs for Star TV, Gulf News & several other companies based in UAE.

The dedication, hard-work and effectiveness of Hiten's work in improving Arab India business relationship has been widely acknowledged by senior business leaders and Arab media.