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Books :

I See God in You: Simple Changes in Your VIEW That Can Produce Life-Altering Results, by Hiten Bhuta.

Someone asked a great yogi, “What is the secret of your long life?” The yogi smiled and replied, “I keep breathing.”

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Meditation :
Listening To Silence. Prayer : Speaking Silently.

Hiten concurs to the views of all major religions and scientists about the presence of a divine & all compassionate energy or spirit that exists in the universe. This great and powerful presence is accessible by all through meditation & prayer.

Different religions have created different name, scriptures and rituals to connect with this Compassionate Presence.

Listen to Hiten’s views on connecting with this infinite source of compassion and love through meditation and prayer.

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Technology :
Training & Performance Coaching Programs.

Hiten has conducted training programs for thousands of people on using technology and human power for personal and organizational success. Hiten’s training program enables participants to discover new ideas, create innovative programs and successfully implement ideas.

Visit this section & see HitenBhuta live on training & performance coaching.

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Business Enterprises :

Hiten has founded several profitable business enterprises that serve thousands of customers around the world.


Connect with these business enterprises to get great products and services.

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Global Leadership :

Hiten travels around the world to interact with business leaders, policy makers, entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens.

Hiten has conducted several programs to contribute to the success and empowerment of people in United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar and Singapore.

To know more about global leadership and programs of HitenBhuta, please visit Global Leadership.

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Arab India Relationship :

Hiten has made sustained and consistent efforts to create new level of breakthrough in relationship between India and Arab world. Along with vast business interest in Arab world, Hiten continues to promote the good-will, people-to-people interaction and trust between India and the Arab world.

Visit Arab India relationship section and learn more about contribution made by Hiten Bhuta towards Arab India Relationship.

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Sakar Trust :
Creating The Future – All over again..

Sakar Trust has successfully designed and implemented ground-breaking initiative on future of the world.

Sakar Trust primarily works towards designing and creating future for organizations, communities and companies. Sakar Trust has also helped hundreds of children in creating a new future.

Visit this section and learn more about Sakar Trust’s program.

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Global Expressions
View of people inspired by Hiten’s presence.

Hiten’s presence and committed action continues to inspire people all over the world.

Individuals, businesses, organizations and Governments have felt the benefit of Hiten’s ideas and presence.

Listen to following videos to learn more about how Hiten’sideas has impacted people from a village in India to senior business leaders in Los Angeles.

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Media Reports :

We have been regularly featured in newspaper, magazines and other media around the world since 1995.

Following is a small sample of media reports:

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Peace of mind is actually a contradictory word. Mind as we normally understand is full of activity, thoughts, emotions and memories. When mind is active, peace is disturbed.When we watch mind i.e. when we watch the constant flow of thoughts and memories, we begin our journey towards peace.


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  • The mind and its restlessness continues only if we keep identifying the constant play of thoughts and feelings.

  • Our identification i.e. when we say "this is my thought", "This is how I feel" gives energy to restlessness created by thoughts.

  • The habit of identification is deep. We are fully identified and one with the flow of thoughts. We keep saying this is my thought and we keep fighting for our opinions.

  • Behind the veil of thoughts and feelings, there lies a silent space of vibrant awareness and alertness. This space is a space of pure presence and witnessing.

  • When you are just being with or present to activities of mind, those activities suddenly and effortlessly stop.

  • You can try it right now. Just watch yourself with 100 % attention. In the moment of giving full attention with your eyes wide open, your mind stops.

  • Once the mind and its associated thoughts ceases, you experience refreshing silence and peace.

  • This peace is the ultimate blessings. This is the nectar of life, of immortality.

  • Meditation leads to peace. It is peace of no mind. There is peace. But there is no mind.

  • You can participate in Sakar Meditation that allows you to experience profound peace by calling 022-40682606. The free meditation program is conducted on Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in Kandivali, Mumbai-India.

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